Thermo-Hygrometer Calibration in Doha-Qatar


Sales & Calibration of Thermohygrometer (Analog & Digital types)


    Thermo-Hygrometers can be used to measure moisture content in various materials including wood, concrete, plaster and bricks.


     Many Industrial Locations need to be at an exact Temperature, with a specific level of Humidity. A difference in Temperature and / or Humidity will drag the Quality of the Products & Company's Production (Productivity) is also suffered a lot.


   We Measure, Test & Calibrate your Thermohygrometers in our well Equipped Lab as per National / International Standard Codes.


   Our Calibration Reports & Certificates are Legally Valid and Compliance with National/International Standards.


  We sale Thermo-Hygrometers as per your requirement on Demand.

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We Sell & Calibrate:

Analog Thermo-Hygrometer Sales & Calibration in Doha-Qatar
Analog Thermo-Hygrometer
Whirling Thermo Hygrometer Sales & Calibration in Doha-Qatar
Whirling Thermo Hygrometer

Digital Thermohygrometer Sales & Calibration in Doha-Qatar
Digital Thermohygrometer
Digital Thermo Hygrometer with Probe Sales & Calibration in Doha-Qatar
Digital Thermo Hygrometer with Probe

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